Sanatio (pronounced sah nah' tee o) is a Latin noun meaning "a healing" or "a curing".

My name is Jen Delaney and I've been interested in health-related issues my entire life.  I am passionate about finding new ways to achieve better health.  Over the last 20 years I've realized increasingly that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them.  After reading many labels and doing research I've found that many, if not most, commercially-produced skin care products have questionable ingredients, some of which require a chemist to explain, if not pronounce.  This piqued my natural curiosity into whether I could make something natural that was safer and better which set off a chain reaction to research, formulate and produce natural skin care products for the benefit of my family.  The sooner we got away from commercially-produced products and back to natural skin care the better off we would be.

I knew that others shared our frustration with the lack of affordable natural skin care products and that this had the potential to become a business.  Explaining to friends and family what my husband, Bill, and I were doing, they all agreed that we had a passion for doing things the natural way and starting a business made sense.  We then passed out some of our sample lip balms and, without exception, all said this was the best lip balm they've ever tried!  Sanatio Skin Care was born!

We are an environmentally-sensitive business which strives to provide the highest-quality skin care products.  Our products are hand-produced, a few at a time, using organic natural oils and butters, waxes, herbal extracts and pure essential oils. We test each of our products before it goes out the door.  If it hasn't been on my skin first, it's not going to be on yours.  This makes me confident that you will love each one of our products!



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Lip Gloss

lip gloss box

Sanatio Skin Care lip balms and lip gloss are my favorite brand, and I have tried many over the years looking for a product that was natural, worked well, and was a good price.   There is nothing artificial in them.   Just look at the simple ingredient list -- everything you would want to put on your lips!   I have several and keep them in my various coat pockets so I am never without.   My kids love all the various flavors!   Great job, Sanatio Skin Care!   Thank you for supplying us with a wonderful all natural product that we can feel good about using with our families!

Adirondack Mts., NY